A point of sale built for the modern era.

Built by counter service operators around the country.
Order System

Accept orders from all the channels customers prefer.

With dripos, you get access to our order ahead app, online ordering, self-service kiosk, and pos.
Order System

Simple order preparation.

Every single order you receive gets sent to one place. No more losing tickets or managing extra devices.

Manage all active tickets and scheduled orders.

It's time to ditch the kitchen printer.
Uptime over the last year.
* With all dripos platforms.
We've been building the dream POS with operators for 3 years.
Trusted by thousands of customers.

Tools for your own delivery system.

Save 30% over third party delivery platforms
Route your own drivers and live track orders
Professional order management
"The whole system really is a delight to use."
Grace Coffee Co.

We got you covered.

All the extra daily tools needed to run a counter service shop.

Auto-update products as they sell.

  • Set inventory rules for adding new stock.
  • Auto-disables products when out of stock.
  • Track products that aren't selling.
Easy Tracking

Create and track active tabs.

  • Create tabs for regular customers or employees.
  • Track past tabs and view ticket contents.
  • Checkout customers whenever you need to.
Cash Management

Stay on top of cash in the drawer.

  • Automatically tracks cash in drawer.
  • Pay in and pay out at the POS.
  • Track end of day cash differences.

View and manage all transactions.

Provide customers with refunds, send out additional receipts, search past orders, and more.

Common Questions.

Can I turn off mobile ordering?

We give you complete control over where customers can order from. You can toggle all platforms on/off in the settings tab on the point of sale.

Do you charge extra for additional terminals?

Nope! Setup as many registers, kiosks, ticket tablets, etc. as you'd like.

Which payment methods are accepted?

Accept every single card for the same flat rate of 2.9% + 5¢ (30¢ for mobile orders).

Do I need new hardware?

If you have existing tablets or devices, we encourage you to continue using them. Dripos works on any iOS or Android based device. If you'd like additional tablets, you can purchase iPads from us for a slight discount.

If you'd like to accept in-store card payments, you'll need to select one of our card reader options.