Our Philosophy.

How dripos was born.

We started off our journey helping coffee shops with their online ordering, but we kept hearing the same thing from so many owners across the country. Point of sale systems are clunky, expensive, and require a whole bunch of integrations to get the job done.  Not many people were happy with their pos.

So we asked owners across the country one question: what is your dream point of sale? Then, we started building it side by side with them. The result is what you see now, a point of sale that is both simple to use and can do all the things you’d ever want. And we do it all at a fair and simple price.

A new approach to business.

If you think about your past experiences with any of the software you’ve brought into your business, it’s most likely been extremely impersonal. Most software comes as is and you don’t really get a say in how the product moves along.

We decided to take the same approach we had day one and carry it forward for good. What does that mean? Well, we want you to feel like dripos is your product and you should have a say in what we build for you. This is, after all, your dream point of sale. We're just here to make it a reality.

Complete transparency.

We believe you should know exactly what is happening inside of dripos. You are trusting us to support your entire business and we take that seriously. We make your POS experience personal with complete transparency from our end on development timelines and priorities. You'll know what our team is working on and when.

To take that a step further, we have a team dedicated to scheduling zoom meetings with any customer who wants to make a feature suggestion or share ideas!

Here to talk.

Need help or have questions about dripos? Reach out through our support page. We’ll get you in touch with one of our amazing humans and answer all your questions.

Have bigger questions or ideas? You can reach out directly to Jack Pawlik, our CEO and Co-Founder, by sending an email to jack@dripos.com.

We’ll try our best to get to all of your big ideas! We are excited to help you along your journey owning and operating a business. If there is any way we can make it easier, just let us know!