"Dripos is the first company we have worked with that is more of a business partner than a simple POS provider."

About Revolución Coffee + Juice

Revolucion is a Coffee + Juice shop with a Plant-Forward food menu in the heart of downtown Austin, next to the Austin Convention Center! They stay busy most days, but see a spike in tickets around events at the Convention Center and UT sporting events. How do they manage this volume? Enter Dripos.

At Dripos, we focus on empowering our partnered locations with technology. We do not nickel and dime our partners for every single device or feature. We want to watch our parters grow with us! Because of this, Revolucion has been able to tap into features without breaking the bank. For example, Loyalty, Customer Order Notifications, Kiosk Mode, Numerous KDS Screens, Third Part Order Integrations, the list goes on…

It’s partnerships like this that we really look for. Owners who are looking to take their business to the next level and embrace technology as an asset to get there. We are super lucky to have partnered up with the Revolucion team and look forward to their growth to come!

Their experience on Dripos

Since we opened Revolución Coffee + Juice in 2012, we have worked with various different POS providers. Dripos is the first company we have worked with that is more of a business partner than a simple POS provider.We have been pleasantly surprised by their flexibility and speed to release new features based on our direct feedback.  These new features and updates have made a direct impact in our day to day business operations.

Our business relies on delivering a great customer experience to our customers seven days a week, so we appreciate the fact that the Dripos' support team is always very responsive with a very short time to resolution.  With Dripos I am able to resolve any issues in the time it would take me to simply get a response and begin the troubleshooting process with other platforms.

Our plan is to migrate off of legacy POS providers to Dripos at all of the existing locations that we operate and any new locations.We are actively recommending Dripos to other culinary startups as well as established restaurants and coffee shops with multiple locations.

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Website - https://www.revolucionsa.com/

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