"Numerous times throughout the onboarding process on Zoom calls I said That's brilliant, or That's so smart."

About Please & Thank You

Please & Thank You is a 6 location powerhouse located across Louisville and Indianapolis. While their coffee for sure does not disappoint, their cookies are out of this world. Voted USA’s #1 cookie by USA Today this past year, their team has seen tons of growth and was looking for a partner to help them on their journey.

When Please & Thank You approached Dripos, they were using a number of segmented tools. Square for their POS, Homebase for employee scheduling, ChowNow for a custom built app, and more.

In addition to consolidating all of their software tools into one system by switching to Dripos, our product team also spent a many months working to improve our Invoicing and Reporting features. This work resulted in new workflows for them to operate more efficiently and gain insights they did not have before! One of the most amazing aspects about working with Dripos is the access to our team of world class engineers and product teams!

Their experience on Dripos

"Dripos truly is the all-in-one Point of Sale solution, again, the all-in-one Point of Sale solution. Numerous times throughout the onboarding process on Zoom calls I said "That's brilliant," or "That's so smart." Whether it's the ability to track inventory across 3rd party delivery platforms and in-person sales with one menu, or their in-house delivery system, there's this feeling that they've thought of everything, and if they didn't, their customers did, and they can quickly turn that feedback into new features. A few examples for Please & Thank You include, creating an option for an automatic service fee, creating an invoicing system, and creating a tailored reporting system.From 24/7 call, text, and email support, to having one of their team members in person on launch day, Dripos really does work WITH you. Please & Thank You was with Square for 10 years, but Dripos just made so much sense, and they're just getting started."

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Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/plsthnks

Website - https://wearepleaseandthankyou.com/

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