A new change log

January 13, 2021

Hi everyone! Below are the old dripos change logs as we are now transitioning to this internal tool. All future posts can be found here as we continue to improve dripos :)

10/15 Updates 🥐


Hello again everyone! We wanted to thank all of you for your patience with us on this update as it's been pushed back a couple times on our end. We try our best to provide accurate timelines but sometimes it can be hard to predict how long certain features take. But the wait will be worth it, this update includes a lot of highly requested features detailed below. Enjoy 🙂

New features:

  • New online ordering websites
  • We rebuilt the entire online ordering experience from the ground up with an entire new ordering experience. This includes a full redesign of all your websites and a much smoother customer process. There is a new link for your websites so please reach out if you need help finding that!
  • In your partner dashboard inside of 'My Shop' — 'Website', you can edit your websites homepage, title text, and more to customize it to your business!
  • Device management
  • In your partner dashboard inside of 'My Shop' — 'Devices', you can view and delete the POS devices you've setup in the past. If you've created devices that no longer are in use, checkout that page and delete the ones that haven't been used recently. This will clear up a few different bugs some of you have been experiencing with the ticket screen.
  • Coupons and Promotions
  • Woo-hoo! This has been one of the most requested features we've had in a while. We added in support for you to create both coupons and promotions inside the marketing page of your partner dashboard. Coupons work right now on the new online ordering website and will begin working tonight on the mobile app.
  • Coupons: Create coupon codes that customers can enter in at checkout on the app and website ordering. You can do things like set a max amount of redemptions, choose a date range the coupon will work in, set the value of the coupon, choose which products it affects, and more!
  • Promotions: Promotions do all the same things as coupons except they apply to all orders and don't require a customer to enter in a code. Use promotions to promote new products or menu categories!
  • Required scheduled prep time for certain products
  • On the product page inside of the partner dashboard, we've added a toggle to select if a product needs a day in advance notice. This will require customers ordering that product on the app or website to schedule the entire order for the following day.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a crash when linking a customer account and paying with an e gift card at the POS app
  • Changed pickup order tracker text to not mention delivery
  • Fixed an error when manually adding points to a customer account at the POS
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent adding physical gift cards to a tab at checkout
  • Fixed a bug with gift cards not showing on transaction screen at the POS
  • Entering in a custom amount for a new physical gift card no longer covers up the input box with the keypad

We hope everyone enjoys these updates as we worked super hard to get them in your hands. As always, if there's something about drip that you wish worked differently or there's a feature that you wished existed feel free to email jack@startdrip.com and we can figure out how to help you!


Drip Team

9/21 Updates 😍

4 months ago


Another Monday, another awesome drip update! This release includes the following:

Completely redesigned online ordering

We completely overhauled all your online ordering websites! This new experience is much more intuitive for customers and overall is huge improvement. We've been working on this for the last few weeks and are super excited to show it off. The last bit of testing is just finishing up and you can expect these websites to be live roughly middle of this week. There's no work you need to do on your end, the same link will work and update on it's own!

Behind the scenes fixes

Click here to read a comprehensive report of a bug fix we spent a lot of time on last week. This affected customers on our Beta Version.

That covers the biggest part of the last week's work on our end. There were a number of smaller bug fixes and improvements as well.

Have a great week!

9/8 Updates ✌

4 months ago


Woo-hoo, it’s time to talk about all the great changes we’ve made to Drip over the last month! All of these changes will officially be live this afternoon! Like always, we couldn’t continue to improve this without all the amazing suggestions from you all. There’s quite a lot of new improvements so please don’t hesitate to reach out to jack@drip.is with any questions. We’re happy to walk through any of these!

Here’s all the things we’ve gotten done in the last few weeks:

Printer support now available!

  • Message us if you’d like to connect a printer to your workflow
  • There is print receipt button on the ticket screen full ticket modal
  • Settings to auto-print orders from certain platforms

Scheduling Improvements

  • On the partner dashboard, you can now see more than 10 employees on the schedule at once. You can also sort/filter the table by employee roles and names.
  • Employees can now set their unavailability inside of the dashboard app. You’ll be able to see these times while scheduling.

POS App Improvements

  • We now provide the option to round a purchase with rewards under 50¢ down to 0 to prevent a card reader bug on small payments
  • There is a setting to disable contactless pickup for locations who do not want to offer that as an option
  • Fixed a bug on the transaction tab that would cause a white screen crash when searching and require reopening the app
  • You are now able to stack items on pre-checkout tickets by increasing the quantity when adding the product. They will show up under one product line rather than listing out each product separately
  • Added a pull to refresh on the daily tabs section. This will help in the case where tabs are not synced up correctly, simply pull down and everything will update
  • Hitting checkout while on checkout will no longer crash the app
  • We added the same colored boxes for order type onto the transactions tab so you know if an order was mobile, web, for here, etc.
  • We added a reconnect workflow for the card reader if it becomes disconnected while checking a customer out
  • Web orders will show up on the ticket screen and say ‘Web’ rather than ‘Mobile’
  • Manual entry for Amex cards now works for payments
  • Mobile orders will now only make tablets chime if their ticket screen is setup to receive the category of products on the ticket. Previously, mobile orders were making all devices chime
  • There is now an option to add a note to a pay-in/pay-out to view later on in reports
  • Going back on the tip screen no longer crashes the app
  • Tips and taxes will now show on the transactions tab for every ticket
  • You can now add custom refund amounts on the transactions tab rather than just refunding whole items
  • Customers can now pay with their drip balance and mobile gift card balance at the POS
  • Fixed a bug preventing you from entering a name or discount when there is a custom product on the ticket
  • More obnoxious color for mobile orders, we got feedback the blue blends in so we changed it to a wonderful #C34ACE (fuchsia)
  • Added a device setting to choose when scheduled orders move to ticket screen
  • Non-scheduled mobile orders now say ASAP
  • Naming a 100% discount order when the 'Send to ticket screen once named' seeting is enabled is now working again

Delivery System Improvements

  • Added a delivery fee setting at the POS
  • Added a min. order size setting at the POS
  • Change color for all delivery orders to #ef9072 (orange)
  • We now require a phone number for all delivery orders

Customer Ordering Improvements

  • Fixed a bug giving customers trying to redeem rewards on the app a ‘pricing mismatch’ error
  • Customers are no longer able to reorder disabled items
  • Fixed a bug with the order tracker not updating
  • Modifiers now show up on receipts listed out with their prices
  • Fixed a typo on receipts with Tips line item
  • Made the tip option open by default on app orders to incentivize more tips from customers
  • We now allow someone to place a scheduled order when a shop is closed if they schedule it for open hours
  • Some mobile order accounts were created without a name, they will now be asked to enter a name in prior to submitting another order.
  • Removed the country code when customers were inputting their phone numbers… Everyone is in the US so it was not needed!

Partner Dashboard Improvements

  • There is now a modifier multiplier which will increase the prices of modifiers as different variants are selected. As an example, if you’d like to charge more for milk on a large vs. small drink you can now do that.
  • You can now set multiple defaults for modifiers using multi select

That’s it for the last 30 days!

8/2 Updates 🥳

5 months ago


Happy August everyone! While we’ve been personally in contact with most of you, it became time to organize all the updates from the last couple weeks into one place. We’ve been making awesome changes to the product and we owe it to you all diving in and helping us build!

Ticket Screen Filtering

Sort the tickets that get sent to a ticket screen on the POS by device, platform (web, register, mobile), and by category. A highlighted use of this feature is Grace Coffee who just opened a store with a drive through and two separate prep stations. They are able to send items to the people that need to be preparing them in a super organized fashion. It’s been working great and has helped them fire almost 100 tickets/hr during peak times.

Ticket Screen Improvements

  1. Big button mode in settings on the POS to make the tickets easier to move.
  2. Send tickets once named in settings on the POS. This will create/send the ticket when it gets named during the checkout process rather than once the payment has been made.
  3. Move tickets independently in settings on the POS. Ex: A ticket with a drink and a food item and they are prepared in two different places. The kitchen can move their side of the ticket without it affecting the position of the ticket where the coffee drink is being prepped. This allows each side to independently complete their sides of the same ticket.
  4. See full ticket on ticket screen by tapping the header. This will pull up the full ticket with all items on it and additional information.

Reporting improvements

We overhauled the entire reporting system on the partner dashboard. We still have some more changes that we will be finishing this week. The new reporting will be much more useful and numbers will match up everywhere.

Additional features:

  • % Tip option in settings on POS
  • Sort daily reports on POS by single minute intervals. We previously only allowed sorting in 15 minute increments.
  • Declined transactions have their own screen now to make it more clear to customers/staff when they need to attempt again.
  • Price w/ tax box on variable priced products at the POS. This allows you to enter in the after tax price and we’ll automatically set the pre-tax price.
  • We now allow you to turn off the checkout screens by device rather than universally across all devices. If you have a POS that needs to be a faster checkout, you can turn dining options and naming options off on just that device so it goes straight to payments.
  • Added a no receipt button on the customer facing screen after payment to help clear up confusion for customers.
  • There is now a noise again on incoming tickets. You can turn this on in the POS settings and it will go off every time a new ticket is received.
  • Can now create a permissionless role for basic employees that don’t need access to anything.
  • Unavailability/time off requests can now be created by employees and viewed when making the schedule.

Those are all the main things we got wrapped up over the last two weeks in addition to a nice list of bugs. Thanks again for all the help from everyone! We couldn’t build this product without your feedback.

Over the next week we’ll be finishing reporting improvements, wrapping up initial team features, making adjustments to online ordering, and much more. If you have any questions or would like to make some suggestions, just reach out to jack@drip.is!

Have a great week :)